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Dance Performance: On Resistance

Dance Performance: On ResistanceFriday, August 18, 2017 at 8pm    TICKETS

 Immigration II

Raha Behnam Shabahang

Challenging the colonial gaze with moments that disrupt the passive witness

Disruption is an act of rebuilding the self.

On Resistance represents a spectrum of movement which challenges systems of control by reconfiguring the body into a medium for opposition.

Today’s shared purpose, resistance, is at once urgent and varied. Volume VII will present work by nine artists, each developing their own choreographies of resistance using strategies of conflict, transgression, and care. On Resistancerepresents a spectrum of movement which challenges systems of control by reconfiguring the body into a medium for opposition.

Raha Behnam Shabahang

THE WORK // The initial iteration of this work engaged with the exotifying nature of the performing “other” by implicating audience members in the performance through conversation and requests. “Immigration II” continues this exploration with other means of resisting and challenging the colonial gaze, through moments that disrupt the comfort of witnessing a performance as passive witness. Playing with products of both Iranian and US culture, the work is a pastiche of moments; some appearing strange in their familiarity, others confronting the witness as familiar tropes of the “other.”

BIO // Raha Behnam is an Iranian-born, Canadian-raised, US-based dance artist and scholar. She holds a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Bachelor in Dance and Anthropology from the University of Maryland. Raha’s interests lie at the intersections of urban politics, postcoloniality and embodiment. She has performed the works of Tino Seghal and Abby Crain in San Francisco, and presented work at The Knockdown Center, and FRESH festival in San Francisco.

STATEMENT // Conceived and born almost a decade after the Iranian revolution, my life has arisen out of the dust of destruction, turmoil, death, hope, and the sweat of my people.  Today, I live in the United States, disconnected and constantly searching for the roots of my being, my knowing, and my home.  I work with whatever medium is available – my body, images, words – to appropriate, manipulate, express, and transform my experiences of dislocation, otherness, and absence.


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  1. Dear Friends, Our daughter Raha has a dance performance in New York, please forward this event to your connections in New York who might be interested to attend.

    I appreciate your support.

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